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Update, print, export, optimizations

Update, print, export, optimizations

Minutes ago we released an update to Card.biz. This update is special because it was driven by our customers and users. We are glad to hear your feedback and your features request.

Drop us a mail by answering this message if you need something, we need you to build the best service.


It's now really easy to export all datas you've ever add in Card.biz. Go to manage tab, scroll down and clic to download a .csv file.
This feature is only available for admins of a directory.


A lot of users ask us to have the ability to print their directory. Now you can print two differents ways. A directory list with name, department, phone number and email or a more stylish picture centric / mozaic view.
This feature is also only available for admins


We've started to translate the service. French version of admin's panel is available. We've planned to translate the whole website and then to go to other languages.


We fixed a few problems and do our best to help admins. Now the hierarchy tool is faster than ever and you have the little buton to come back to the people's manager after editing a profile.
Every user list is now sort by alphabetical order and if everything works for hundred of people, next release will bring you the opportunity of managing thousands.

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