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September update

Hi everyone !

We hope you add a great summer, on our side we've worked to bring you a better service.

Here is the changelog :

- Choose your language : go to your personal account and you can find a switch button to choose your favorite language

- Spanish is available : front and admin's pages are now available in english, french and spanish

- New import file : We've builded a new .csv importer. You can now fill all datas from a single file, create departments and places and create your org chart. This new .csv become your way to save your datas.

- Pictures import : with the new .csv we have to add a tool for pictures. Now you can import pictures and they are added to profiles pages if they are matching. If they don't you can easely manage by yourself.

-Sub-service(s) : Sub-service are now available, it's going to be easier to have a Card.biz witch fit your organization.

We also launched an helpcenter, but for now, it's only available in french. It's available here https://cardbiz.zendesk.com

September update
September update
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