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Organizational Chart of Game of thrones season 1

Organizational Chart of Game of thrones season 1

The last release of Card.biz bring a new feature : organizarional chart.

From the backoffce, a special tab offers to sort people to publish a clean and clear organizational chart.

We've decided to not link departement and hierarchy so you can use matrix organization if you need to create working group.

We also build our first "fun directory" to showcase our product.

As fan of Game of thrones, we've built the 1rst TV season organizational chart. We don't want to spoil so we don't if we will do another version.

You can have a look here : https://got.card.biz

Organizational Chart of Game of thrones season 1
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This is one of the best TV serials I have ever seen! I was totally stumbled by the performances of Eddard Stark and Benjen Stark! Want to download the 1st season! Please share the downloading link for the same in the coming posts! Eagerly waiting for the next season!