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UPDATE : Google Apps sync, IP Filter & embed code

UPDATE : Google Apps sync, IP Filter & embed code


Today, we are proud to announce a major update, as it was just said in Techcrunch we've just added Goolge Apps sync, IP filters and embed code.

Google Apps Sync :

If you connect your Google Apps with Card.biz each time you add someone in your GApps, all infos will be added to your Card.biz. The best way to do it is to use Google Groups, it grants you a better control.

IP Filters :

Go to share tab and add IP to the whitelist. It offers companies the ability to share their directory, photoboard and org chart without password.

Embed code :

Also found in "share" tab, embed code offers an easy way to share your Card.biz on your website.

Fix and improvement :

As always, we've solved small bugs and improve the whole website. Hope you are going to enjoy it.

UPDATE : Google Apps sync, IP Filter & embed code
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