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Card.biz : Company directory made simple

Card.biz : Company directory made simple

Realistically every company owns an employees' directory because easy communication between coworkers is fundamental.

In fact, they don't. They may have tools to do so but they often are too complex, hard to keep up to date and no-one uses them. Sometime, they use a spreadsheet pinned on a wall.

Card.biz has been designed to bring a cloud-based and pictures-centric solution to Human Ressource's manager from all kinds of organizations.

What is Card.biz ?

- A simple and efficient tool for manager

- A private and elegant directory to find colleagues

- Customized profile's pages

- Cloud-based service with dedicated smartphone interface

How it works ?

- Create a free account and a directory (free up to 10 users)

- Invite employees/users by email or via a .csv file

- Customize the directory with logo and colour

- Employees fill out their profile's pages with photo, email, phone number and -optionnal- with online social network profiles

- Manage from the dashboard : % of profile's page completion, 1 clic to send reminders by email

- Company's directory is reachable with an email and a password from every connected device

We invite you to check our demo's website : http://demo.card.biz/

We also made a special directory for LeWeb Paris Official bloggers here : http://leweb.card.biz/

Card.biz aims companies from 50 to few hundred employees with fast growth or multiple workplaces but Card.biz can provide relevant datas to small businesses, administrations or associations.

Card.biz is free up to 10 users and cost around 1$/user/month (find more information on our website)

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